Industrial Insulation & Removable Soft Covers

Proper insulation enables optimal performance for equipment and processes in industrial applications. We offer insulation solutions that maintain safe temperature levels, minimize noise and vibration, and protect both equipment and personnel.

Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and valves against blue sky

Our Core Values

  • INTEGRITY - Doing right by our employees, vendors and clients
  • SAFETY - Instilling a positive safety culture guiding how our employees view safety and safety related behaviors
  • QUALITY - Maintaining our reputation of high standards in all service provision
  • EMPOWERING - Our employees to be successful in their careers through mentorship, training and employment
  • INNOVATION - Learning and incorporating new technologies in our service lines for continuous improvement

Industrial Installation Service 

Established in 2004, Arrowhead has established a reputation for executing superior results in safety, quality, and service provision, with proven success through numerous completed oilfield projects throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Offering a full line of product and installation services for mechanical insulation and cladding, insulated removable soft covers, and insulation maintenance services in the local and regional oil and gas industry.

Industrial Pipes with Insulation Covers

Removable Soft Covers

Our removable soft covers are manufactured with high-quality products that are fire-resistant and temperature-rated up to 1200F for high temp applications. Products are durable, with resistance to water and deterioration from chemicals and UV rays.   

Our skilled staff guarantees service excellence in the fabrication of custom products, ensuring a perfect fit for the application on time.

Products We Install

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